Alex Barattini was born in Pietrasanta (Lucca) on 26 February 1974. Musician / Dj producer. In 1990 he approaches the world of Dance starting to play in clubs. In 1996 he dedicated himself to recording production creating the Outwave Recording Studio. From there begin collaborations with various record labels and prestigious producer DJs (Alex Farolfi, Robbie Riviera "Juice Music of Miami", J. T. Vannelli, Matteo Esse). In that period from the collaboration with the Deelay Vs Outwave project was born "Everytime I Think Of You" (A.Barattini - A.Farolfi - P.Rossato) on Giuliano Saglia's 24 Records label that he accompanied the summer 2006. In 2007 Alex comes out with his project "Heart of Space" Give it 2 me "(Madonna's Cover that less than a month after its release immediately reaches excellent results all over Europe) and the single Alex Barattini" The Cha Cha "which is fired in as many as 16 countries in the world. Thanks to this single Alex begins to participate in several evenings in Europe and beyond (Italy - France - Switzerland - Russia - Spain).In 2012 he produced the Let me kiss you track, which included the Dj Ravin in the Buddha bar XIV compilation, reaching the Electronic charts of the most sold in France on Itunes. Still with the Heart of Space project he produced the cover entitled "Somebody that i used to know "by Gotye, played by Jean Luc chosen by Mauro Miclini of Radio Dee jay for the Hit mania summer 2012. Last track of 2015 "Fall again" with the collaboration of Nadyne Rush has had excellent results by entering the Itunes top charts and reaching the n.3 position of the Beatport top charts, played by networks such as Radio 105 and m2o where inserted by Maurizio Molella in Mollybox is the most voted. 2015 is a very intense and lucky year for Alex, he is commissioned by Universal to remix the new single from Vasco Rossi "sono innocente ma…". From 2014 the collaboration begins with Dr Feelx produced "Love is" includes in the last album (Fall again) Let Your body move the cover "Mary had a little boy" - "Love Respect" - "I am the greatest" - " The best sound "-" Set me free "Alex has produced 2 albums from the Titles" Everybody yeah "" and "Believe" and the third "Fall again" is ready for release at the end of 2015 with new tracks and some remixes of the most ' famous Alex is producing different artists (Nadyne Rush, Gabriela, Real Legend, MAB², Forty, Bar & Bar, Dr Feelx, Repperio & Peg Leg, Pablo Gigliotti, Amanda Batista) etc .... Present with his productions in more '100 compilations some names (Pacha, Hit Mania, Hot Party, Island of the famous, Buddha Bar, Dj selection, Hit parafe dance, Dj Selection,) etc ... Right now he is collaborating with the record label, Dancework by Fabrizio Gatto, Beat Boutique by Fabio Fornaroli, Adapter Recording and Italian Way Music by John Toso. Info: Fb Alex Barattini & Fb fan club Alex Barattini dj / Producer