We are a duo and also the orchestra, play smooth, 60 70 80, dance, revival, Latin American, piano bar, we also do group dancing and animation. The duo consists of training TITTI vocals and guitar, PAUL voice and keyboard. The training orchestra is made up as follows: TITTI voice and guitar PAUL voice and keyboard MATTHEW voice, keyboard and accordion MICHELE acoustic drum DANI low BIOGRAPHY PAUL TITTI is that from an early age they become part of the music world, make studies of theory / music theory and piano, working with several orchestras, opened several concerts (Al Rangone, Mal, Gianpieretti, Bobbi Solo, Elisabetta Viviani, Carlo Fontana (and many others) until 2008, the year in which you create the duo "Tweety & paul". From there he began a collaboration with a number of municipalities and local-name entertainers such as Elisabetta Viviani, Roby Di Nunno, Lara, 'Cicetti' and many others. In 2014, participating in the "golden microphone" with the song "davanti a me”