We met thanks to the common passion for mountain biking; from there discovering that we were both musicians and beginning to play together has been quite a short step. I , Dario, am a violist of the Symphony Orchestra of Rome and I, Riccardo, am a teacher of Music in the secondary schools and I also teach piano at the music school “Donna Olimpia” in Rome. From the desire to do something different from the classical-orchestral background and from the activity of teaching in 2009 the duo Tandem was born. Our different formative and working experiences, together with the desire to experiment with new sonorities, led us to explore with our instruments new realities and repertoires, from the Neapolitan songs to the soundtracks, from the tangos to the rags of Joplin even to the great American authors like Gershwin and Bernstein. Our collaboration is based on the pleasure and the satisfaction of creating something together; this may include concerts for schools, receptions and ceremonies or evenings in pubs.