Franco Levi Minz dedicated his life to music since his early youth. After a course of accordion and finally dedicated himself as a self-taught on piano, he formed the Venetian "The Play-Boys." It refines the piano and singing and, in 1982, decides to commit a first write professionally accepted at a major Venetian patrician villa, converted into a hotel-apartment. In May 1995 he was hired in Germany (Bad Honnef) in a famous night club in town termale.Nell 'year 1996 (April to October), playing on board the' 'Orient-Express "(Venice-Paris, Venice -Duesseldorf), the "legendary" train made ​​famous by the stories and the characters therein passed. Since 2005, owns a piano bar in one of the most attractive Hotels Alta Badia (South Tyrol). Since 2006, he decided to accept entries to "outreach" proposing the best facilities and organization of world tourism, including cruise ships. Vocal warm and discreet. Extension for good performance in high tones. And 'often close to that of the most famous interpreters of the tradition "confidential", known as contemporary songwriters.