Luca Fraia was born in Livorno, Tuscany, the 01/06/1989 . From an early age he discovered his passion conveyed by his family, for music and especially for the song . He begins to sing as a child , based on the very music of Pooh , his favorite band, thanks to his family and his father , Maurice primarily that has passed this passion ! E ' was discovered recently , after a long apprenticeship built gradually over the Web, especially for having recorded a cover of Al Bano Carrisi " It' s my life " that defines Luke , his song " Lucky " surprise , given that did not expect this! On Youtube the song in a short time it even surpasses the 15,000 views and many positive consensus in the majority in the negative , not a statistic for a simple Cover, among the thousands all over the Web and so on. etc. . It ' been labeled a bit' all in the majority " Roby Facchinetti 2" to his tone of voice , felt like the young and well-known singer of Pooh . In 2012 he recorded his first CD Amateur " Destinies Musical " , an album of 13 cover (Containing also " It 's my life " ) of success, in all shades and original base in collaboration with the editor of the disk , Nando Ametrano , his great friend and trusted collaborator in Music and Radio also .. In May of 2012 he founded his own Web radio (Radio Friends, Friends of the Radio ), along with the ideas of friends from the bottom. Slowly the ratings of its live radio broadcasts increases, and begin to get interesting collaborations and inquiries ( including Studio One, Vivicentro , Radio Generation X and colleague Nando Ametrano and various record labels ... ) which together with the Singing undertake to bring also forward this personal project. In 2013 it was discovered , like Singer, Peter Ciani , Italo - Australian singer-songwriter who has 50 years of glorious career in the world , believes that Luke Fraietta , a talent for future success in his personal tone of voice and the his character very humble , sensitive , etc. . etc. . On 26/05/2013 debuted on TV in the studios of RAI INTERNATIONAL, in the program " Christianity " led by Sister Myriam Castelli, with the song " Rose of May" , recorded with the label Multipromo and that was written and composed by their Peter Ciani . On Youtube there is also the official video clip of the song .. In the same year he began collaborations with other artistic level and Radio , including one with Luciano Somma . Currently working on songs published and unpublished , and waits to sign his first record deal.