the duo singing "eden" format by Vincent and pop songwriters Raffaella, born in 2005 with various performances in clubs and parties in the piazza of the campania. not missing the collaboration with author, record labels and opening concert a big famous including gatto panceri in tursi (tm) and in salza irpina (av)- 2009.Vincenzo expresses his creativity in 'the age' of 12 years and writing poems expresses the five years canzoni.Raffaella her vocal abilities and her willingness for the piano, seven years beginning to play its first notes a july 2011 part to write a gaetano curreri, singer of the group history "stadium" on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of his artistic career, entitled "the story of a phenomenon". now in agreement with independent label "italian way from pop music of john toso experience the gender dance with the single" dance sweet 'on the international market recording.