David Marrari, born in Genoa in 1971, self-taught, starts playing the guitar at age 11 - For one year he takes lessons from the master and friend Marco galvagno At the age of 15, along with bassist Anzaldi Andrea, he formed the Silver Race .. coming out in 91 the contest beyond the juke box and recording a song in a cd compilation in Rome Then later collaborations with so many musicians such as Ian Paice, Roberto Tiranti and others In 1992 he won a guitarist contest, organized by the Glass Master (brand of hand-guitar) As the first medium wins an electric guitar In 1993 he participated in another guitarist competition at the "Classico" in Rome, organized by the association "Arthist Whitout Frontiers", ranking among the top ten Italians at the final evening Then other bands of various kinds Work in progress, Eris Pluvia Expiatoria from funkmetal to prog to deathmetal. In 2001, he released his first record in Anagram's studio and in 2012 with his current band, Admetalla recorded the album Gemelli Siamesi. He currently collaborates with jazz keyboard pianist ..Alberto Luppi Musso .. he has recorded various tracks in the album For you released August 2017 along with other musicians including bassist Dino D'Autorio.