Claudio Vantaggiato is 21 years and is an Italian guy . He knows that if present themselves represent the theme more complex for a human being ; if he were only complicated , it would be the happiest man in the world : 10 autobiographies would explain , in part , who is today , and then what happened yesterday . Of the many , many questions that arise daily , is a non-existent for 2 years: it wants to be ? There is just the answer : a poet , but the piano. With his music .Probably could do the true poet and the search word, that, fits ,the take away too long , without the additional safety that people will acknowledge fully its message : the human being is so complex that often do not even understand his natural language . Speaks in music, but above all , speaks to the music . And she always answers . His natural instrument is the piano , to past studies . If a person listen to even one of his songs, he personally would save breath , and she would save a lot of questions: who would understand instantly . Despite the constant daily difficulties, madly in love of his life It goes wild music .