Zitelli Alex Born February 7, 1973 in Bolliate (MI).The music is part of his life since he was born as his father Armando Zitelli Singer Leader of THE Vanguards took him forever to his concerts.Thanks also to uncle Arturo Zitelli (Composer, Arranger and affirmed at the University record CGD now called Sugar for many years with Caterina Caselli) who made him do so many experiences in the field of Music (abbreviations for Coca Cola, background vocals for various advertising and album of various artists singers), at the age of 6 years is also a symbol of a television show for children on the RAI network. At the age of 7 years started as a private piano lessons, music theory as to the age of 17 years, the first keyboard and the first band.Composer Melodist in writing by SIAE 1990From 'age of 18 he started to make SERVICES MUSIC of all kinds, from the Piano Bar, Private Parties, Weddings, christenings, corporate events, birthday parties, parties of all kinds. The recording in music has always been his passion, has always sought the quality of sound, melody and harmony in the composition in the arrangements, based on his training and studies at the conservatory. Pianist of vocation, but open to experimenting with synthesizers and sequencers.