PROGRESSIVE JAZZ QUARTET’s repertoire differs from the classic Jazz Standards, by proposing selected, interesting compositions from the seventies to modern times, which are rarely played live mostly because their harmonic complexity is difficult to render in ‘Real Books’ music score. PJQ, throughout a careful restoration of the original poly-harmonic and poly-rhythmic texture of those compositions, provides a journey into the history of the ‘Modern Mainstream Jazz & Fusion’ of the last 30 years (Chick Corea, Yellowjackets, Steps Ahead, Herbie Hancock, Weather Report). While all members of the group have are professionals in subject areas different from music, many decades of experience in playing jazz is the common denominator of the band. LUIGI TOGNOLI is a highly reputed figure in the Italian jazz scene, a fine musician and composer who started pioneering jazz in Milano 40 years ago. Currently he performs also in many other bands of Milano area. ALBERTO MINETTI has a past of classic piano studies, learned to play at the age of 4, and practiced other instruments and different music genres. He is currently an academic at the University of Milano. CARLO PANZALIS is considered one of the best bass players among the non-professional musicians, with almost 30 years experience in jazz performance. He works as a corporate manager in ICT. LUCA COLOMBO started to play the drums very young and is very well considered also in the professional circuit for his musicality, sense of balance and elegance. His main activity is in Orthopaedic Surgery in Milano.