Giampaolo Galasso: born in San Giuliano Milanese on 01-08-1963 Musician: Alto Sax, baritone, soprano, Harmonic, Cori, back ground, Percussion. EXPERIENCE IN ITALY My first band to 'age of 15.16 years was called: SGRJBB (San Giuliano Rock, jazz, blues band) percussion and choirs. Then almost simultaneously (already you are playing you my "early", sax and harmonica) with Family Fusion (Rock funk), Beggars Banquet (pop rock), Irie (Reggae) .Papa Winny, Titian Knight, Raphael Scinia, Marcello Cosenza. EXPERIENCE IN MEXICO Baraja (funk rock reggae pop) with which I participate in the "rock en tu idioma" organized by BMG Ariola and Televisa coming secondi. Musica implementation with Zopilote theater group (political cute sarcastic) Mexican tour organized financed and sponsored by Produciones Aguilar y Televisa. Where I used to play in the group of Pepe Aguilar: Equs.Casino (funk pop rock) also formed by Raphael Scinia (friend / brother super guitarist) In 1994 Casino wins first place in the contest Yamaha Mexican National "Music Q. and travels in Japan to the final coming ottavo. Sax and harmonica with famous Mexican artists such as Alejandra Gusman, Tatiana, Paty Manterola, Alejandra Avalos, Stephany Salas, Fandango, Miguel Mateos (Argentine).