a singer with a thousand voices: an explosion of jazz, blues, rock, swing and dance, without interruption, with John Biancale. First son of Italian immigrants in Toronto, John Biancale was born in Canada before traveling far and wide to hone his technique of composer and performer live. After countless performances at night clubs in Paris, in clubs in Greece and in Beach Clubs in Costa Rica, John Biancale arrives in Italy, where he moves to Milan. One night, during a performance in a club, he attracts the interest of some producers with whom he begins to collaborate on songs such as Join the party, a dance track made warm by his seductive interpretation. The breakthrough comes when John Biancale lends his voice to the project of the name Billy More, bringing forward hits like Up & Down, Millenium Girl, Come on and Do it, Boys and Girls under the project Souvenir di'Italie, and again I Keeo pn Burning and Loneliness.