The artistic life of Elena Berera was born as a solo dancer of the Italian national network R.A.I. and other private national networks like : Canale 5, Rete 4, Italia 1 e Tele Montecarlo Research continues, has opened horizons in acting art and mimic technique, giving development to a series of theatrical and cinematographic experiences. In particular in the Italian musical comedy, alongside actors such as: Enrico Montesano, Gigi Proietti, Alberto Sordi, Gino Bramieri, Lino Banfi, Dino Verde, Maurizio Nichetti, Franco Franchi e Ciccio Ingrassia, Gianfranco Jannuzzo, Paolo Bonolis, Gennaro Cannavacciuolo, Franco Oppini. With directorial directions of: G. Nicotra, C. Vanzina, D. Verde, G. Magni, R. Siena, Don Lurio, G. Landi, P. Garinei . Elena also participates as a cartoon character "Martin Mistere" and poses for cartoonists: Morales and Sicomoro. Laying for the sculptor Cerone and was chosen as a model by the photographer Riccardo Bergamini for one of his shows international. He participated as a chorister in the concerts of Eugenio Bennato and in the passages of Claudio Simonetti such as: "Opera, Tenebre and Phenomena ". To the R.A.I. of Radio Due, he participated to the "Donna Domenica" program with Simona Marchini An accurate artistic research, he addressed studies in the music field, specifically the lyric song. Studies performed with the teacher Renato Guelfi, have given life to a series of concerts, held at the Sala Borromini in Rome The most detailed studies have allowed the realization of roles in operettas of the Trieste festival such as: "The dancer Fanny Elssler" By J. Strauss in the role of the soubrette, directed by M. A. Eschwe directed by G. Landi, "Scugnizza" in the role of Salome, "Il paese dei campanelli" in the role of Bon Bon, "Cin Ci La" in the role of Cin Ci La. All directed by M °. Gruber The meeting with the teachers: Marinella Meli and Margarethe Ghedin allows her to present herself at the Teatro Regio in Turin where she is first chosen to participate in a show at Piccolo del Regio entitled "Kabarett" and then at the Regio in opera "Orphee aux enfers "By J. Offenbach in the role of Venus. Immediately afterwards, she was chosen at the Rome Opera House for the opera "Elektra" by R. Strauss in the role of the fifth maid Subsequently she was cast by the Donizetti theater in Bergamo for the role of the Marquess of Berckenfield in the opera La figlia del reggimento by G. Donizetti under the direction of Maestro F. Carminati and directed by M ° U Gregoretti And again at the Teatro Regio in Turin for the role of Anna Gomez in the opera Il Consul by G.C. Menotti with the direction of Maestro M. Stringer directed by Walter Le Moli Also at the Teatro Regio in Turin in the work of Dvorak Rusalka in the role of the second fairy directed by M ° G. Noseda Debut in the opera Salome by R. Strauss in the title role with the direction of M ° Johannes Harneit and directed by Bruno Klimek at the National Opera Theater in Belgrade and at the Teatro Sociale in Rovigo It is chosen by M ° Juanjo Mena for the opening concert of the 2008- 2009 symphonic season at the Teatro Comunale di Bologna She was later invited to attend the concert in the Osrawa auditorium by M ° L. Svarowsky A text about the life of Maria Callas with Elisabetta De Vito and the direction of Ciro Scalera was chosen to participate in the "Vissi per Maria" show At the Teatro Rendano of Cosenza he participates in the three-penny opera of Bertold Brecht-Kurt Weill directed by Massimo Venturiello At the Secci theater in Terni he participated in the Bohème by G. Puccini in the role of Musetta With Massimo Venturiello and Tosca is the marquise in the comedy The bourgeois gentleman of Molière directed by Massimo Venturiello Participates as a singer Pop Opera in the last show of Maurizio Battista Elena is chosen for the show "A come ..." with Edoardo Siravo as a Pop Opera singer