Mila Siervo, art name of Mila Carmen Siervo, singer of light music, born in Naples sez. San Carlo At the Arena, on 17 July, by Vincenzo Siervo, poet, songwriter and artisan bags and Anna Morra, actress and pop singer, the first of three children, has a sister and a brother a little more little ones. From a very small point of view, parents realized that it was about music, could memorize a motive before even learning to talk. In his childhood and adolescence, music and songs fill his days, in addition to studies, all because of his artistic parents. She studied singing and at the age of 15 she joined the premiere company of a famous Maestro of Caserta, and for many years she changed her company and made her a fortunate gavetta. She then participated in many singing competitions with many characters of the show. In the 1990s he participated in various television shows in Neapolitan and as a competitor to the famous quiz presented by the King of the quiz Mike Bongiorno, TELEMIKE, a little dream he had as a child, presenting himself with the life of the great Hollywood actor Gary Cooper. There is little to meet the man of his life, a young man in the north of the city of Como, Floriano Mossi, on July 11, 96, marry and move to Brianza, leaving his beloved Naples, who However, he always remains in his heart. In Lombardy he has been part of several orchestras over the years, learning to sing another musical genre he never did before, Il Liscio. For some years but leaves something to the boards devoted to his two great loves that for health reasons they need her, her beloved parents, who unfortunately will lose , his father 17 February 2011 and her mother 2 October 2012. She continues to live with her husband in the province of Como, where she continues her passion for singing, performing shows of various genres of music.