Undisputed protagonist of the Milanese nights, DJ Maurice has begun his career to the historian Rolling Stone, temple of the music rock and from them' not him and' more' stopped in the experimentation of new sons-in-law and alternative sound. Hehas produced numerous hits and collaborated with the more prestigious record houses. Eclectic artist - he spaces from the happy music to the hip hop to the more house' of niche and in demand in the more clubs' exclusive of Italy with his evenings rich in adrenaline. In 2003 and' landed as dj resident to the Hollywood in Milan where he has known and him and worked with star-dj international as Little Louie Vega, Terry Hunter, Tony Humphries and where he has been able to express his soul more house' extreme and of avant-garde. From 2006 and Art Director of the Toqueville, one of the more elegant places of the Corso Como of the most Fashioned Milan. Today he is Artistic Manager of the Tocqueville as well as' first dj, producer and historical dj in the national panorama, inventor of the compilation Hollywood 20 years and now responsible of all the artistic projects of the Tocqueville 13, of which he is also partner.