1Alex Belloni begins his artistic career to the "Old Fashion","Time", "Temple","Hollywood" in Milan. He performs at the "Roncaccio" "Corte delle Stelle",at the “CHOPIN” in events with Giorgio Prezioso, The Sound Lovers, Kim Lukas, Lia De Baia, Darryl Pandy. "Forum d’Assago" in New Year 1998/99 together with the stage presence of Franchino, Ricky LeRoy,Gigi D'Agostino, Article 31. In 2011 he embarks on the path of producer releasing songs with "DaviDance" and "Phoenix Found". Releases songs for various labels, including “Veinet Records”. He collaborates with various record circuits, "Jaywork Music", "Beira-Mar Records", "Boot Recordings", Four Stripes Records and the license of one of his songs in collaboration with Alex Phratz for “Blanco y Negro”. Author of various radio programs: - MASTER DJ, an introspective journey on the planet of DJs, producers and artists from the world of discos, clubs, clubs and productions. - AREA DJS an entirely mixed platform made up of various artists. In 2017 the return to Milano Pride is announced in front of 200,000 people. Alex decides to found an exclusive staff together with Robber Hawk. The staff of the Djproducers.it site. He was the author of a column on the world of Djing in the well-known "Joi Magazine". In 2018, the eagerly awaited debut on the console at "Botox", the well-known Milanese after, arrives, where he also performs in the presence of Roberto Intrallazzi (Cube Guys). Another important exhibition is the one at "Pride Square" 2018, Milan and also at "Pride Square" 2019. In 2018 and 2019 he brings his music to "Nolo.so", a Milanese club where many Italian DJs perform in rotation. His djsets are passed from "Rdn", "One Dance", "Bpm Music Radio", "Real Radio", "Radio Medua", "Gamma Radio", "Radio Atlanta". 2021 is the year dedicated to the world of record productions, where Alex consecrates his path worldwide.