born on January 19, 1985 in Lecce. He started as dj in 1999, at the age 'of 14 years, playing in birthday parties and exclusive evenings just for fun. He loves many different kinds of music: R B, Hip-Hop, Lounge, Electro, but in 2001 approaches the House Music, which later became his sort of music today, through the various nuances that this style of music allows: dub, techno house , disco house, etc. ...That same year, together with Steve Mele are the Dualism Style, and they play in pairs behind the console (one to a plate and each other), creating and mixing virtuosity seem capable of unreleased tracks made instantly and with this peculiarity the two DJs go beyond the simple mix. Paul Lofrè, than the passion of the fusion of sounds, has the composition, he loves to create loops that he personally uses in his shows, also he has experienced 10 years of piano study, which now enable him to compose new pieces of various kinds such as: house, lounge, jazz, rock, reggae, r b, funk, etc. ... for him all the emotions are translated into music, regardless of gender In 2006 he joined the staff of Radio Parsifal with the most representative figure of the radio, dj Giulio Carbone, who has given a space in the schedule, called Special Console Played on Saturday night. Finally in 2008 he begins the actual production of his songs under independent labels, and he begins working with various artists and therefore he has the opportunity to hear his creations around the world. In 2009 he starts working also in a local radio station called Radio Smile Studio where he works as speaker, conducting a program called Music Hotel.