Tonino Villa is among the greatest scholars of Italian Music Melodica. Refined interpreter of the song in English and Traditional Roman and Neapolitan song,includes in its repertoire some of the most beautiful opera arias, including: "Nessun Dorma", Puccini; "Morning", Leoncavallo ... and more. It 'been called "The Last Minstrels", a title which makes this honor and that puts him in a position of absolute pre-eminence among the Singers songs Evergreen Italian. Thousands of his performances, both in Italy and abroad where, especially in the US, is much sought by our countrymen, who have given the title of: "Voice of the Italian Song" His repertoire, vast and multifaceted, reaches the highest peaks when outpourings notes of the songs that were the "Prince," Claudio Villa. His career, which began during the glorious 60s, he is the protagonist of the second edition of the first and Cantagiro Festivalbar, he won also several Roman Festival Of Song. From 2009 to 2012 regular guest of the transmission: In Italian Music Festival of Gold TV.