"Antonio Messinese, nicknamed A. Messinese DJ, since from his childhood, was fascinated by the music, so in the 90ís he bought his first record and began to gain some experiences behind the (decks) console in the premises of ìPugliaî and ìBasilicataî Where he lives in order to spread his DJ set of house music, Tribal house and Teck-house. In 2011 as a DJ/Producer, he released his first piece house ìBabafricaî in collaboration with ìGRstudioRecordingî on label ìStudioeStudio. In 2012 , he creates his second dance piece ìAl Ritmo Del Solî always in collaboration with GRstudioRecording and sung by Rosanna Vastola on label ItalianWayMusic. At the moment, he continues to play in clubs and produce tracks more and more innovative. Rosanna Vastola, becomes a violinist attending the conservatory of music ìS. Pietro a Majellaî in Naples. In the concert world she worked as a concert soloist and in chamber ensembles for the major music associations of ì Campania and Basilicataî . At the same time she studied the violin and singing (in pop music) at the Association ì Together with the musicî of Taranto. In February 2008, she participated in the training stage in Terni for the ìFestival of Saint Valentinoî, in 2008 she participated in the Belgio festival and in the ìFestival Showî in 2009. In 2010, she started working with GRstudioRecording and with A. Messinese DJ playing per violin on house music. In 2012, she interprets the song ìAl Ritmo Del Solî based on Giuseppe Ronzano and A. Messinese DJ music.