LoZioFOTO At 9 he started playing the electronic keyboard; this will bring him a few years later to the inclusion in the "ASM Ensemble", an orchestra composed of 30 elements including wind instruments, accordions and electronic instruments, for which he will take care of the supporting part: bass and drums At the same time, he participates as a soloist in various musical competitions for electronic keyboards on the national territory, winning almost all of them where he faces various musical genres: from jazz to contemporary music The passion for djing was born thanks to his father, disc jokey in the 80s, to the point of making him take his first steps behind the console learning the mixing techniques with vinyls In 1996 the apprenticeship began: the first private parties and then landed in the main discos of his area, the Basilicata of which he originated, until 2010, the year in which he finished his studies in Mechanical Engineering and was forced to move to Northern Italy for work In 2005 he was involved by his brother in the crew "L.S.D. (La Strana Dinastia) ”, a hip-hop group from the Potenza scene that has had some success; here he will take the first steps from shoulder to his brother in music production, as well as scratches to the dishes At the same time, the first immature experiments as a producer in the role of remixer dance, which later became more concrete and mature over the years to allow him to land on a couple of occasions on Radio Deejay in the "Alien Selection" program of Djs From Mars with the bootlegs of "Jenn Morell-Ponteme" and "David Guetta feat. Annie Marie-Don't leave me alone" His works continue to be played by numerous DJs and are scheduled on many radios that continue to appreciate the commitment, passion and professionalism in revisiting in his own way the hits of the moment and the past From 2018 he is involved in several projects: - MEGAMIX of the decade: all hits dance from 2000 to 2009! He deals with the technical part: mixed sequences of 30 songs each in 60 minutes, winning and dynamic strategy - CLASS 90 IN THE MIX program broadcast on Radio Base, radio station that broadcasts in FM in the provinces of Naples, Salerno and Caserta, as well as streaming and on APP, registered at the Table of the Publishers (T.E.R.) Every Friday evening from 9.00 p.m. regular guest with 2 mixed selections of 4 songs in 5 minutes, including one from the 90s and one with current hits - B20 MIX He takes care of the technical part of the official Radio Base ranking, broadcast every Saturday from 20:00 to 21:00, sometimes also making use of the conduction as well as the mixings - BRAND AREA He joins Emilio Marchi to the technical part in the historical program of Radio Atlanta Milan At the end of 2019 he released the first single "Virus" for his Kardon project, totally self-produced and self-distributed on the main streaming platforms, which boasts a moderate success as well as the presence in different charts (MixSirius Chart of Radio Sirio and B20 Mix of Radio Base to name a few) and in the musical rotations of many radios In parallel, the collaboration with Four Stripes Records begins with publications on the main streaming platforms: - one of the official remixes of “Only music only love” by Alex Phraz, Yazee The Dreamer & Denny V, with the collaboration of Fabry Deejay - one of the official remixes of John Toso's "Coronavirus" (Kardon remix) - "Overcoming", second single of the Kardon project In March 2020 he was entrusted with the remix of "Warm" by Alex Phratz & Adriano, published on the Claw Records / Net's Work label which garnered many consents and included in music rotation on many sector radios Every Saturday he presents and mixes the Area 51 Club Chart, a personal selection of the 20 hits of the moment in 30 minutes published on his social pages, as well as being a guest of many radio shows