Born in Padua and now resident in Milan, from 2010 until today they have had the opportunity to perform in all the rooms of Padua, (Extra Extra -Q Bar - Par Hasard), passing through Treviso (Club Casa di Caccia), Vicenza (Feel Club), Folgaria (Jhon Club) arriving in Milan (Old Fashion, Le Banque, Hollywood, Divina, Magazzini Generali, Saint Club ..) where they currently play, arriving also in Corfu (GR) (Montecristo Club, Theos Club) and Toulouse (FR) (Eag Exhibition). Mainly their artistic career has been within the reality of already equipped and structured discos, but often for private events, they rely on external services that set up and make perfect the organization of the evening. Since 3 years, Tommaso Salasnich, together with my partner Mattia Rossi, have also started the musical production path, coming recently to be supported by international artists in the EDM panorama, Electro Dance Music. (ANGEMI, MARNIK ...)