Frank Kozlowski was born (Germany) in Magdeburg on 25/11/1966. In 1972 Frank emigrated with his family to Poland. There he attended a full-time music school in 1972 until 1982. His main subjects were piano, clarinet and vocals. 1981-1982 he took part in a director training at the School of Music Symphony Orchestra part in Elblag Poland. In the early years as a 13 year old boy, he started all musical classic works transform into rock ' n' roll versions. As a 15-year-old founded a school band and participated in various competitions 1983 emigrated Frank Kozlowski to Germany. 1983 -1986 he worked in a recording studio in Freudenstadt and Hamburg with known and lesser known bands / artists (SAGA , SIXX ) . In 1983, Frank won a songwriting competition in Cologne. He played some of the bands in the region of Karlsruhe and Stuttgart. 1991 Frank began his first film music steps. 2007 Frank emigrated to France . In 2011 he founded the company Delta musique and began to write and produce soundtracks . 2014 Frank founded a talent base for young musicians. 2014 member of GEMA Further education between 2014-2017 at HOFA College and Thinkspace Academy Since 2015 very active in film scoring, sound design and co-songwriting Various projects in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, UK In 2017 Education with Steinberg Cubase and Harrison Consoles 2017/2018 Foundation of a new music portal for 24h film scoring