I have always loved music and for 20 years I have been living it fully as a passion and profession. When I was a child when I was inventing stories, my situations were always singing festivals in which I imagined to present and sing and probably this aspect was so strong, it was then the basis on which I built the rest. I studied singing at private teachers and participated in any singing situation in the city of Turin from the stages of theaters, streets, squares to regional programs. After a bad period of depression because of my divorce, I used all my energy to start from scratch, a bit in the image with the Milanese agencies regarding shooting, wedding shows and TV spots and a bit 'in music, putting on an activity of musical services for public and private events, building over time a dense network of interactions with professionals in the field of events. This knowledge has allowed us to learn a lot of things about the events themselves and also understand what were the strengths to put on to better interact with customers and be able to meet their needs always putting the soul and passion for the my work and their emotions. For me MUSIC is ART, expression of EMOTIONS and these must flow in two ways between me and the listener. I have tried competitions and talents, touching with hand what are difficult worlds where there are economic manipulations and many other things; It is very difficult to emerge when you clash with very high walls but if you love what you do and believe it, you can get something and I can say I did it. Investing a lot on the quality of the services offered, on the collaborators with which to manage them and on the visibility through social media, site and Youtube, I managed with time to turn my passion into a work on a parallel path to talent and competitions themselves .. fatigue but if you love what you do sooner or later the results come. Quattro anni fa ho inciso con il gruppo HESPHERA un intero album " I NOVE CAMMINI" da cui abbiamo fatto uscire due singoli, RIDANZA e CUORI NERI, presenti su Youtube. Questo album per me ha rappresentato una crescita emozionale ma anche un percorso sulla timbrica ed evoluzione della mia voce, applicata per trattare appunto I NOVE CAMMINI , un viaggio attraverso l'elevazione spirituale. A Gennaio 2018 insieme al musicista Matteo De Feo ho inciso e pubblicato il mio primo brano FAVOLA MODERNA, scritto da me ,con l'intenzione di parlare attraverso una ballad italiana a sfumature rock di un amore vero,reale in un momento di crisi in cui le due persone coinvolte nella storia, decidono di fare un passo indietro mettendo da parte l'orgoglio per portare avanti la loro storia. Ascolto da sempre tanta musica e generi differenti e anche grazie questo ho appreso meglio le tinte che a mio gusto si sposavano meglio alla mia voce e ho prestato molta attenzione a valutare i modi in cui meglio i cantanti riuscivano ad arrivare al cuore e questo Ë il mio dogma musicale, la musica viv‡ in me finchË avrÚ questa esigenza di esprimermi e parlare del mio cuore attraverso le note.