Davide Ridella was born in Como on September 24, 1982. He brilliantly got a piano degree at the Conservatory G. Nicolini in Piacenza under the guidance of Roque Zappulla. Ridella Bach amazing performer receives the approval and admiration from many critics and artists including Charles Rosen. Highly successful for its analogy with piano G. Gould wins in 2007-2008 and 2010 three of the most prestigious scholarships provided by the Lions Club Host of Piacenza for the best talent. In 2009 took part in her first piano competition (International Music Competition in Moncton) won second reward and recognition for the best execution. He is currently focusing on teaching, and recording career as a concert of JS Bach's keyboard work proving a huge success as an organist. In the coming years will participate all'Internationaler Klavierwettbewerb JS Bach Saarbrücken one of the biggest competitions in the world.