Name: Jorge Gonzalez Rodriguez Birth: 01/06/1962 Santa Clara ñ Cuba Citizenship: Cuban-Italian Studies: Provincial Music School ìOlga Alonsoî, Santa Clara ñ Cuba 1972-1977 Havana's National School of Art ñ Classical Percussion, 1977 ñ 1981 Degree in Classical Percussion ñ note: 100/100 ñ Professor and Musician In 1981, after graduating at L'Havana's National School of Art (Cuba) with full marks which gave the title of Professor and Musician, He starts to work as a teacher and head of the Percussions' course of the Art Conservatory of Santa Clara from 1981 to 1984. In the same years he was Santa Clara's Professional School for Musicianís teacher. At that moment start too his career as a professional musician. Collaborations: 1981 - Santa Clara's SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA, with whom he had is first national tour. 1982 - ìSEPTETO di SONESî traditional music band that reach a high recognition. 1983 ñ He get in the Latin Jazz with the band ìRAICES NUEVASî directed by Pucho LOPEZ, eminent Cuban musician and jazz player. With ìRAICES NUEVASî he participates to the ìJAZZ PLAZAî Festival in L'Havana for six consecutive years where he had the chance to play with international musicians too as CHICO FREEDMAN, LARRY CARTOON and more. 1989 ñ Begin the collaboration with singer-songwriter OSVALDO RODRIGUEZ (winner of Yamaha prize in Tokyo), with who he records two CD albums. In the same year he collaborates with ìLOS DADAî rock band with which he make numerous tours in Cuba. 1993 ñ Begin a strong collaboration with the ex ìMONCADAî singer, Augusto Enriquez, with whom he records one CD and make 6 Italian tours in which he participate to various television's program. 1997 ñ He moves to Italy and participates in the concert of Cuban trumpet player ARTURO SANDOVAL, accompany by Palermo's SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA. He was part of the Salsa band SINCOPA LATINA and of the famous ìsalseroî TITO GOMEZ (Puerto Rico). 1998 ñ He collaborate with Cuban violin player ALFREDO DE LA FE'. He also actively collaborate with the band ìLINEA Cî composed by the musicians Walter Calloni, Stefano Cerri and Massimo Colombo ( participates to the recording of 2 Albums: MONDO and Sole of the MASSIMO COLOMBO WORLD ENSEMBLE). From 1994 ñ He is the percussionist of the Cuban Orchestra ìEYEIFE BANDî directed by ENRIQUE PEREZ ìMENAî ( ex singer from the band ìNG LA BANDAî) 2008 ñ He publishes his own Album ìMY GROOVEî in collaboration with the trumpet player Gendrikson Mena. At the moment he is working as percussionist of ìOUT OF THE BLUEî band ( 2010 - Starts his project with his band "Clave de Luna" ( ) 2011 ñ Moved to Lisbon ñ Portugal 2011 ñ Joining the band ìYemanjazzî as official percussionist ( ) 2011 - Starts his own new project with his band ìEkundayo Bandî, developing his music from the album ìMy Grooveî Contact: tel.: +351 912 769 393 / +351 911 858 929 e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. net: