Born in Bologna on 11/05/1946, a self-taught composer, he played the piano and some guitar. Author of about eighty piano music, poet, good author of never trivial lyrics. He has made various competitions for songwriters in second or third place. Of which among many in 1969, placing himself at Civitanova Marche. In 1973 Savignano sul Rubicone arrived third in December. Print praises. Sadly, he failed on March 10, 2017. Who is writing these biographical notes and his brother Lamberto, who has always been to his side and has always believed in his abilities. She said to her mother, but what conservatory I have already kept alone. In 1968 he played in Germany with an Italian group living in Germany He was salaried by the group. It stayed for about a year. His brother made C.D. Galactic Inscribed 15. Arranged by Master Zanca Giuseppe, a good arranger for Meldola Forlì. Sometimes he composed at night because the silence inspired him. I still remember it with the rubber and pencil to write the notes and the rubber to clear the mistakes. The first to listen was my brother and I was always excited. Many years ago, in the 1970s, I collaborated to make an Enrico Frattini record in Ancona.