It is commonly repeated that "the first love you never forget." Fabio coincides with the music, that since the child leaves silent and entranced listening. Inherits the artistic nature from his father's family: his father, player of fricorno; Grandfather Joseph, cousin of the famous playwright Nino Martoglio, friend 's election and collaborator of Luigi Pirandello.Parents, given his obvious inclination, at the age of about eight years the start, at a municipal school in Arezzo (they did not have the means to make him study even privately), studying the guitar first and then the violin.At 14, he founded, as a guitarist, his first band ( "The Wanted") of 5 elements in Arezzo.At 16, he was hired as a guitarist and singer, from the consolidated complex "The Querrimen", more and Arezzo.A 17 would want in their team, as guitarist and, on the occasion, the first singer, "I Dragomanni", stated in the context of Central Italy.At 18 notices Ahasuerus Verdelli, owner of the orchestra (16 elements), at the time one of the first in Italy.The Verdelli sees special qualities in this young artist, first singer of his orchestra, and also starts to study the piano, then its exclusive "domain", that gradually leaves to be replaced entirely.These were years of great growth and professional development for Fabio, who in 1976 exceeds the first test examination to achieve the composer's degree accredited by the SIAE.In 1978 he knows the lyricist and music publisher Joe Iozzo, which, recognized and highly appreciated his talents as a composer, as well as high professionalism and sensitive singer, throws it in the music world and the television.Still very young, made his debut in the show "One reason for the winter 1978" (inThe company of Alberto Fortis, Donatella Rector and many other artists) with the single "I LOVE YOU GENTLY", Renzo Arbore and Gianni Boncompagni also throw in their glorious programs "HIGH RATING" and "NOT 'THE BBC."At this first 45 follow many other production companies, propitiated by the aforementioned meeting with Joe Iozzo, author of the famous lyrics in collaboration with many Italian and foreign artists, among them: SUGAR FORNACIARI, Arigliano, GIOVANNA, DANIELA Davoli, FLAVIA lUCKY, AMBER ORFEI, THE STRANGE COMPANY ', GENIUS E I Pierrots, G. DRUDI, R. MARSELLA, JOHN BARRY. By way of example, we remember the collaboration with Zucchero Fornaciari for the song "LISA", played by Stefano Sani at the Sanremo Festival '82 (among the first classified) and was a great success record ..JOE IOZZO will be the author of the lyrics of almost all the songs FABIO: thus was born the album "SINGING CAN I TELL YOU," which consolidates the entry of FABIO MARTOGLIO in the world of national pop music with numerous passages in radio and public television stations and private. Followed, in quick succession, 45s "SINGING CAN I TELL YOU" / "ERI BEAUTIFUL and" METRO ' "/" at this time ", and the new album" THE LIFE AND' LIVE ', sponsored by the Committee to Fight the tumors of Arezzo.Subsequently FABIO MARTOGLIO, particularly appreciated by leaders of the world "RAI" (loves to remember, for the sincere friendship that bound them, the late journalist TG 1 Angelo "Memi" Bortoloni), intensifies the collaboration with the RAI - Italian Radio and Television , for which he composed music and songs acronyms.In 1996 FABIO MARTOGLIO and JOE IOZZO decided to make content with his friend CLAUDIO IMBRIANI a SO-CALLED, the proceeds of which are intended for various charitable organizations and scientific initiatives / Charity, including "Telethon". The album contains lyrical songs, also unpublished, sung with great professionalism by CLAUDIO IMBRIANI and pop music songs, in turn, also unpublished, performed by FABIO MARTOGLIOFABIO, as well as sing and compose the music of his songs (also interpreted by many other artists), arranges and supervises the implementation of his songs in the recording studio, playing the music producer activities. FABIO MARTOGLIO can boast a vast repertoire Italian and foreign (English, American, French etc ...) even the '50s and' 60s, and 'can also accompany any singer.His last record labors are two SO-CALLED entitled "THE PIANO BAR WITH FRIENDS" and "BRAZIL AND OTHER STORIES", in which he collected some of his songs, which takes you around the world in the best clubs and piano bar, where you can always create a magical atmosphere and emotionally involving his devoted Italian and foreign audiences.And 'to do special mention of a song, "AS YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL", the text for which a CD with only one version was also created has been written by Prof. FRANCESCO ALBERONI and CLAUDIO IMBRIANI, dedicated to ROSA ALBERONI, musical.