Maikel Leon Martinez, known as MAIKEL MIKI, is one of the new exponents of Cuban music. It is proposed to transfer the musical boundaries around the world through an extensive artistic career. He was born on June 22, 1984 in Havana, Cuba. His first steps in the entertainment world were following the creation of the dance group "OMY", composed yosiel Coronado, Oscar Manuel Leon (El Moso) and Maikel Leon Martinez (Maikel Miki). Then you start as a singer and composer in the creation of the musical group "Latinos", which had great acceptance in the Cuban urban public. After some time is inserted into the group "the 3rd Rock", with which he had the opportunity to work with other exponents of Cuban music as Damian (former member of the group "Eddy K", "The 4" and now lead singer of "The unequal "). Together they shared various national scenarios proposing some of the successes of the Cuban reggaeton grades as "Motorola", "Let them talk," "Dimelo" created by Jorge Junior and Maikel Miki. Involved in the Cd "The Untouchables" that will give national and international fame to the group "The 4" partecipando in creción the theme "Motorola". Collaborates with "Hel" group which makes a CD of fusion music; Besides produced with artists like Mc Rady, producer group "Kola Loka". After this stage begins as lead singer of one of the new leader of reggaeton on the island: El Micha. Together they make up songs like "I'll go to the street", "She is wrong", "Regalame tonight", "The supermalcria" video "Manager Live", one of the biggest hits of reggaeton in Cuba. Start a new career witnessing in countless national and international stages, bringing their music to countries like Italy, Canada, Belgium, Spain and USA, which has one of the biggest hits of his career: the theme "mato and no payment" Eddy K together and El Micha. He is currently immersed in the production of his CD "The Puty Club". A disc with a new style characterized by a mix of Latin and Cuban sounds, uniting the base of reggaeton, which is always in her Cuban roots, with electronic sounds and other parts of the world. They are included with famous singers featuring El Micha, Eddy K, Chocolate MC, are also issues with other new talents in Cuba and Europe. The Cd "The Puty Club" wants to be proposed as a set of songs dedicated to the dancing audience. His talent is not alone in his voice, but also in creating a new flow that is current but with the utmost respect for their land and their teachers, improvising and conquering the audience at his concerts mostrandose simple and giving everything!, In 2014 it starts as renovator of music and dance including many of his subjects in the field of choreographic dance and export fitness as batuka, Zumba and the new generation Macumba with styles of the Caribbean and electro-house rhythms and afrohouse very fashionable in Europe where resides launching its Cd Macumba a CD with 10 Sencillos produced under the hand of his musical producer, Carlos Chiong a Young talent of Cuba which is part and shareholder of studies Phantom Power of Self Maikel Miki, the last sensillo of this Cd I have name tHE BOOM, realisado with the teacher of Latin dance in Europe Seo Fernandez with which miki is working since early 2015, making video clip tours and related to one of the most important festivals of Latin music in Europe REMENEATE concerts. Now with Italian Way Music , Dj Master & Alex Messina in WELCOME TO THE PARTY