Fausto Papetti was a phenomenon more 'quite unique in the history of music. In Italy it is able to impose for the first time in the record light the so-called instrumental genre, until the beginning of the 70 little attention from the charts, if not completely ignored. In a short time Fausto has created his own style, proposing in his famous Collections (official ones are 50, more 'various compilations for foreign markets), the most successful songs interpreted by his inimitable alto saxophone, customizing with jazz phrasing almost but at the same time simple songs that apparently could not seem suited to an instrument so 'special. Recall that Papetti comes precisely from the world of jazz, then naturally led to reinterpret even simple melodies, making it totally unique and innovative. Over the long years of his career he has won many times the top positions in the standings, winning several gold records (more 'than ten million records sold worldwide). Samba Pa Ti is one of those songs that fall within the "classical repertoire" Papettiano, now revived in a particular version: instead becomes slow dance thanks to a new arrangement edited by his son Marco in collaboration with Maurizio Bellocco, drummer "historic" Fausto.