Born in the romantic Verona, He begins to sing at the tender age of 3 years, and begins to write when 8 years old. Singer, multi- instrumentalist, composer, writer, poet, essayist, Lorenzo loves to embrace all the fields of Art in search of inspiration and new means of expression. Along the arc of his life he collaborates with various legends of the world music, among which Donovan, Vic Elmes (soundtrack author of the famous tv-series "Space 1999") and the band Christie: their CD greatest hits and more (Sony/mcp) includes two songspenned by Lorenzo, one of which has the mention on the front cover, among the largest hits of the Band. Attentive to either the perfection and authenticity of the “live”execution, the concerts of Lorenzo never run out in a pure musical repetition, but always become through the interpretation, true emotional meetings, among the artist and his public. His powerful and versatile voice allow him to embrace various genres, from classic lyrique to country music, with a preference for the melodic songs supported by a solid, orchestral basic.