Taddeo Scalici, the world famous Italian American singer, songwriter and guitarist now makes his home in Naples, Florida. Taddeo began his professional career at the age of 14 in Sicily. He sang all over Sicily and throughout Europe performing in local spectaculars, weddings and other special occasions. In 1968 he sang for Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco. In 1969 Taddeo went to Rome where he began to produce records with "Beat Records", "Coop-Fonoroma", CGD and others. His early successes were with his musical group called "The Mescaleros." During the next 12 years Taddeo composed and sang over 45 songs appearing on Italian television and in Italian movies. He has performed for some of the worlds most famous actors and actresses. During a performance of "Arrivederci Roma" he brought tears to the eyes of the great actor Burt Lancaster; so touched was Lancaster with the emotion of the performance.In 1982 Taddeo continued his illustrious career in America where he sang for 10 years at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida and in largest Italian American spectaculars across the country.