Alessandro was born in 1982 on the 18th of April (the same day as Massimiliano Pani) and resides in Molteno ...: yes, just that little little village of Brianza in the province of Lecco where great talents of Italian music lived, among them the famous author of Texts Giulio Rapetti Mogol (who he never met in person). In his life, due to his physical deficit, he suffered a lot from the "forced removal" from those who should have been his school and life companions to undertake an alternative path in a specialized day center. Despite this and, above all, thanks to the positive experience that, in 1991, led Alessandro, at the age of only 9, to understand that with money you can buy everything except the spontaneity of a sincere gesture born of the heart, realizes that, probably, for him things had to go so because destiny or who for him from up there had in mind to address him in the world of volunteering. In fact, after 2 work experiences in the company, at the end of the last contract, while waiting to find a new professional occupation, he decides to turn to his own Municipality of residence to enroll in the register of municipal volunteers in order to put himself at the service of his fellow citizens. In his spare time, instead - being a passionate listener of music from an early age, he manages to find in the composition of texts a way to free himself from what oppresses him and then share them via e-mail or social networks to tell himself in a different way from posts that are written normally and, all this, with the main objective of launching important social messages but without ever joining the SIAE or alternative collecting companies until, by chance, he learns about the project proposed by SoundReef that attracts him a lot and so he decides to enroll, signing his first real contract as an author; an additional component that offers him the opportunity to exploit the potential of his own texts to pass messages (sometimes even raw, strong, sincere and profound) even through the musical key with the hope that they can get as far as possible even if Alessandro he already feels satisfied when compliments are made to his word. Many very famous artists told him that he should show his lyrics to someone able to produce them to make them into real songs and, in the end, if you find it on our catalog it means that something has come true for real. if it took many years before the prophecy could come true and, to date, in 2019, it is only the beginning of this new adventure! His motto? "As long as you carry a dream in your heart you will never lose the meaning of life": a quote from Gandhi that Alessandro wanted to tattoo himself on his chest to never forget that, despite his life he will have to deal with so many disappointments, in the end, to believe in his own dreams, desires and aspirations is something that gives strength to not give up.