Eccentric and classical. Often eclectic to be able to give voice to the innumerable facets of his creativeness. It loves the melodic music and he knows how to excite when it interprets it to the piano. After studies in the conservatory and the civic school of music jazz, has decided to open to the music to 360° embracing all the modern musical sons-in-law. For beyond a decade, has created and developed relationships with very numerous companies of edits, realizing about tens of out musical catalogues of new age, lounge, dance and chillout in Italy and in all the world. At today, he means in his repertoire as author and compositor, about 10000 passages of all the kinds musicals, listenable and runable from hundreds of musical and motor sites of search disguised of ringtones or production music. Artistic consultant and producing discographer, realizing in his sonorizzazioni recording studies for synchronizations \ displays, sound-tracks audio for parades of fashion, hymns for sporting teams, abbreviations for Festivals and National Contests, jingles for advertising spots and promoter of new events. He is already present and recognized, in the World Encyclopedia of the Electronic Music., to have created a new sound new age with the project Aglaia. For an author-composer of race, a professional history planned in these terms was not able whether to evolve toward the figure of Artists & Repertoire Director, today in exclusive for the Italian Way Music.