Francesco Malena, aka "Hk the little shark", was born on 09/04/91 in Cariati (CS), spent his childhood in Torre Melissa (KR) and then moved to Parma where he lived for twelve years. The passion for music matures with him. Begin to lay the first rhymes since the age of fourteen years, coming one day meeting with Leeder, his musical partner, with whom he founded the G-NIGHT, one of the most popular hip hop groups of Parma who later aggregate Hush and Uncle J-Jeka. Anyway Hk The shark also initiates its own way as soloist with numerous projects on the assets (and various mixtape ep). Besides being Hip-Hop/Rap songwriter and beyond to come to the kind soul, reggae, glitch hop, hobby produces beatz techouse experimental nuances, tribal and minimal. The estimates for the Hk's music brings the little shark, in 2012, and write her first album with musician Paul Rossini, an album that oozes flair, dynamism and unconventionality.