Who is Dominico Cuccarese Born in Castellammare di Stabia (na) italy on 03/08/1981 and moved with his family in various places ', Rome, Naples and then again in Latin at the age' of 9 years, where he began to passionately to the instrument of the piano age 13, he entered the conservatory as a private but was admitted to the Latin quarter, here came out' scandal at the conservatory ... more Domenico not touch 'a piano key disappointed by the ambiguous system that there was some music institutions until the age 'of 26 years when by chance he went on holiday in Ischia island known Neapolitan visiting the gardens follow the Aude' a musical concert and reinnamoro 'back of the instrument by studying composition privately. maybe .. '.... not true ... there are only ex-musicians musicians leave out the instrument for a while' and then return to more 'aggressive than before ...' cause the music and 'a trip ... . a "JOURNEY TO THE CLOUDS" ... I dedicate this album to anyone in my life who believed in me, mocking my passion and my bowels stepping musical.