1Ever since she was a child, music has always been an essential part of her life: she remember trying to play the guitar her dad gifted her when she was about five years old. But the guitar just wasn’t for her, she never tried to learn how to play it properly. Her life went on without instruments of any kind, until one day, in 2014, she went in a music shop. There was a girl playing the piano and she instinctively stopped to absorb every note which came out of that piano, it was love at first sight. Then, her parents decided to buy her a piano and that was the moment when everything started. She played the piano every morning before going to school and every afternoon, it was just like an obsession, and little by little she started composing original songs. After four years, she though she could try to sing along with the piano and in a few months she wrote the first sketches of lyrics for her songs. From that moment on, she met people who helped her and inspired her to experiment and create new things to express her feelings and thoughts through music.