3Gabriele Finizio has been active as an artist since 2016 in Italian Way Music and subsequently, since 2020, owner and producer in the Label The Music School. He loves music in general and in order to combine all his various passions for different musical genres he had to take on multiple names, to divide each type of work. Dance music responds to the name Gabry The Sound, I try to explain how he interprets the musical line for the Dance pieces, it's like a movement and the sound generated by the pads creates a dreamlike, traveling atmosphere, high definition synthesizers and riding percussion the rhythm on straight kick and powerful bass. Also excellent for meditation. Then he produces Tech House, Techno, Pop, Hip Hop and Dubstep, in addition to Dance music, as a Hip Hop-Rap-Reggae singer he is called Il Pecchiantra, as a producer of Hip-Hop/Reggae bases he is called Mister Blaster, 'Hip Hop and Reggae interprets it as music coming from real events, encouraging episodes or episodes of media denunciation put into poetry and rhyme, as a Dubstep artist his name is Gabrielllex and for him Dubstep music is pure energy.

You can find me on the main social networks, here are the links https://linktr.ee/GabrieleFinizio