Antonio Porzio, art in the Antonio Cammeo born 14.07.1983 Pompeiiseses (NA) currently alive near Recanati  Artistic Experience  Dates 25/04/2008 to 08/25/2008 the semifinalistseseses to the national contest "My Martin"  18:05:08 to 18:05:08 the semifinalistseseses to the national contest "À. voice for Sanremo "02:06:08 09/25/2008 phaseseseses to the final national contest" Tour music fest ", Organized by Mogul  The shares Have Happened To The Various contests with the unpublished work Twin Soul, Written and Composed by HIM.  Wise melodious effected in the years 2006,2007,2008 2009 near the civic school musical "Benjamin Gigli" of Recanati (MC).  Semifinalist to the Semifinalist Without Label 2009 to the 2009 Festival of Garda  Belonging to the 100 Selected for studentseseseses of the University of the Music and the Show in Naples  Share to the Television program Millevoci 04/2009  4 Singer songwriters classified category in the "Rome Explorer Emergent Musicians Festival" Education is Formation  Have you given Studies of song since 2004 to 2010 near the institute Benjamin Gigli, with intensified to double course of song (Pop / Opera).  Various stages from 12.09.2008 to 15.09.2008  Artistic meetings from the 25.04.2008 to 26.04.2008 of the contest to My Martin Bagnara (RC) In this occasion, the artistic errand presided Was from: Mario Rosini, ISKRA, Andrew of Renzo.  Stage of song with Luke Pitter from 15 to 16.12.2008.  TOOLS  Guitar  ARTISTIC ABILITY IS Compétences  Music and writing of the texts. Singer songwriter from the beginning of the adolescence.  Further info Collaborateseseseses From the 2010 with the poet and author Luciano Somma and from 2008 to today he / she works with The following staff:  Arrangers: Maurice minestrones in art Salvatore Mines Makes it to Will.  guitar / violin / mandolin: Adriano Taborro  Low: Paul Galassi  Simona Tamantini-photo  Amelia Milardi desiner web.  you / he / she has Worked with Eugene Kelly, and Mark Anthony Chahine Poet Paul Galassi bassist, Francis Di Giacomo, Peppe Servillo, Fortunate Mesolella, Lucio From her, Enzo Gragnaniello, Elisa Ridolfi, Fortunate Cigliano, Michael Ascolese, Fabrizio Consoli, Peter Cesanelli, Silvia Mezzanotte.