Alessandro Capoccia, was born on 21/04/1982 in Lecce. He attended a course for DJs and later for producers and from there his first musical projects were born. He began to express himself as a DJ in January 2014. More in studying the piano to have a greater impact with the musical world. He performs as Special Guest at the Patty sport of Grottaglie in the province of Taranto. Another important event for him is the Beach Party at Lido Pazze in Torre San Giovanni, where he brings a dynamic DJ set based on Happy music involving the whole crowd. One of the indelible memories for this artist is his opening performance at the concert of ADRIATIC SOUND in the central square of San Cataldo (LE). His first album is produced in June 2016 and is called Joy Free. The musical genres that inspire us are the dance from the 80s to the times of today but also the Happy music as everyone knows. His mixed music is broadcast on various Web Radio and Radio in Fm. His productions of unreleased tracks are present in many Digital stores.