Sabrina Asiani , Milan singer, started his artistic career as a painter and graduated from the Art School Hajech and attending for a few years the Academy of Brera. After graduating in Art History she graduated at the Civic Jazz Courses Franco Cerri and Enrico Intra facing the study of vocal technique with jazz singer Francesca Oliveri. Complementary studies piano, harmony, singing and gospel choir. During these years he participated in various jazz events as a soloist and choir performing in clubs in Milan - Le Trottoir, Le Scimmie, The Banque de Sade, Capolinea. He collaborated with director Paolol Trotti in various theater productions such as the appearance and works as a chorister participating in the musical by ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER C / o Bonci theater Di Cesena. Take part as a singer in various formations at festivals Iseo Jazz . For long years he deepens privately with the vocal coach Luca Jurman vocal technique and the language of soul music and in the meantime sings in various bands. Currently she works as vocal teacher and as a singer, performing in various private and public events(Aperitivi in jazz Teatro del Popolo di Gallarate stagione 2016/17/18 , Baveno Jazz festival 2017/18 ) and deepen the study of the piano jazz and improvisation with Maestro Mario Gagliardi. The aim is to address the piano improvisation to improve the voice; the goal is to gain more harmonic and rhythmic fluency deepening also the bebop language through the study of the dynamics in the phrasing (Charlie Parker, Ella Fizgerald).She also works as author and songwriter with Federico Spagnoli (Mina/Celentano).