Robutti Marco is born in Alessandria (Italy) (18-02-1969) At five Years old, for the first time he was touched by the fascination world of music. He studies for many years in the musicians school Antonio Vivaldi conservatory in Alessandria. When he was young, he played piano, Hammond Organ and synths in many younger band in the Alessandria City.When he was 18 Years old he starts palyin as solist in pianobars. Collaborations with David Palmer, Clive Bunker, Ian Paice with music mixer console and audio recording. Make with Beggar Farm (Italian official tribute of Jethro Tull) a cd live where David Palmer was a special guest. The artistic maturation take him to composition with a style that was the fusion of all kinds and different types of music. A Lounge instrumental music style Ethnic , Electronic, Rock, with a personal new concept of music creations. To pay attention to the music of Marco you can find a travel around new sensorial experiences with sounds an sensations that is an unique mix with no imitations.