01Claudio Fontana is a multi-genre pianist, multi-instrumentalist, teacher, and composer. He has primarily worked as a music teacher and professional trainer in the areas of technology and multimedia communication. In addition, he has participated in numerous musical activities as an instrumentalist and band leader in various groups, in the realm of both popular and jazz music, and has directed choirs. His curiosity and constant approach to study form the basis of his journey, and the fact that he always feels like a "beginner" has further motivated him to have an open mind to passionately explore and learn about various cultural dimensions. During his personal musical education, he attended numerous courses and studies. In addition to online masterclasses with renowned pianists such as Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, and others, he completed a five-year study at Berklee College of Music Online. There, he obtained significant certifications in Jazz Composition, Jazz Arranger, Orchestration, and Orchestration for Film and TV. He also took the Jazz Improvisation course with renowned vibraphonist Gary Burton. In addition to his musical expertise, he has knowledge and skills in the field of computer science. He earned a degree in Educational Sciences in the technological area from the University of Florence, and has obtained various certifications. This path allowed him to carry out several significant projects and professional training activities. The art of composing and arranging music has always been one of his great passions, leading to the creation of pieces in various musical genres, especially jazz, orchestral, and popular music. Despite having only a few concerts of his musical pieces under his belt, these events have always been well-received by the audience.