DSC 5656Singer, musician, composer and producer Born in Genoa, Italy Jan 21st 1970 Live performances start in the end of the 80´s in Genoa´s bars and clubs In the early ninties, after producing his first album sold after every live performance, approaches the italian scenarios starting from the north of italy (Milano, Bologna, Venice) with some random gig in the south (Neapolis, Rome) Collaborates with different cover bands until he gets the chance in 2000 to perform several Deep Purple tribute as lead singer with Mr Ian Paiceon drum, in Italy for Pearl drum clinics. In 2004 Luca Sturniolo moves to Finland, hanging around through jam sessions, he meets musicians and starts to perform after few months in the main towns in the south of the country (Helsinki, Tampere, Turku) In 2006 he´s hired as bassist in the band Tommi Läntinen ja kuutamolla orkesteri, very popular in the 90´s. Forty gigs travelling all over the country with a tour bus, until dec 2007, when he performes in Dallas – Texas for the reunion of Boycott, very known finnish pop band from the 80 where Tommi Läntinen is lead singer and co – founder. In 2007 he takes part as lead singer of the Thin Lizzy tribute band Cold sweat to the 21st Vibe for Philo, festival held every year in Dublin Ireland in memory of Phil Lynott (Thin Lizzy leader departued jan 4th 1986, appreciated by Philomena Lynott, Philip´s mother, and by the Thin Lizzy entourage. Luca Sturniolo performs good quality entertainment until 2013, when he takes part to the TV contest The Voice of Finland, coached by Mr Michael Monroe (Hanoi Rocks). 4 friday night shows in the finnish national broadcast Nelonen with a over 2 million people audience each night brought him a great opportunuty to perform better quality shows all over Scandinavia. In 2015 he writes, composes, performs and publishes his solo album The Dawn, 12 tracks of acoustic rock, prog 70 inspiration, led Zeppelin´s echoes (Robert Plant – Lullaby and the ceaserless roar) Yes´, Gentle Giant´s, Genesis´, Pink Floyd´s and many more from the golden age of music. Since 2016 while keeping on performing entertainment shows in the weekends, he starts to work as guitar teacher for beguinners, bandclub teacher in secondary and high school and vocal coach, introducing his clinic ”Learn how to sing using your imagination” Held in Tampere Rock Academy march 31st 2016 A Life for music Thousands of live perfomance all over the globe The dream of a lifetime on which he will never give up