Dario Pozzo-Balbi is a songwriter from Milan, engaged in the world of music at 360 °. Former singer of well known Italian Hard Rock bands such as the Royal Air Force from Milan and the Foxy Lady from Trieste. Author, entertainer and producer, he boasts thousands of live performances in Italy and Europe, and collaborations with numerous great musicians. Music is the most beautiful and unpredictable journey we can live. An amusement luna park of emotions that accompany us at all times of our lives. The most incredible and powerful art form without which the world would be just a boring and faded black and white film. Writing songs is a sort of inner mission that involves you completely ... during the day, at night ... always. A total immersion in a boundless ocean of notes and words that will live forever. A life of songs, live performances, emotions. A beautiful story of Love that will never end. All in one word: MUSIC.