1 Giulio Grandi was born in Genoa on September 3, 1970. From an early age he had a passion for any guitar-shaped toy. At four he asked Santa for his first wooden guitar. At six years of age his parents decided to start studying classical guitar. At eight years old his first concert. From then on, the tool became an integral part of his life. At sixteen his electrocution was his first electric guitar, a Hofner all covered in leather. Also at sixteen he bought his first KISS (Destroyer) album. Not knowing at the time of the existence of the distortion the experience with Hofner was short, thinking it was defective, it didn't have the sound of KISS ! From there the return to acoustics and the change of teacher. At the first lesson, I saw and heard the teacher with a Yamaha SG, amplifier and overdrive ... the electrocution. So the first stratocaster came, red. The love for the Stratocaster lasts to this day being one of his favorite guitars. At nineteen his first professional job accompanying Sabrina Salerno in the Odiens transmission. Continue your studies for a short period at the Music Didactic Center in Milan. returned to Genoa he began playing in local rock bands including Jhonny is the face, Carpediem and RockHead bands with which he began to propose songs of his own composition. Follow the A Bandassa group offering songs in Genoese dialect and various cover bands, including Zuccherio di Canna, Pop porn and Timeless. His turning point occurs with the discovery of the IPAD which becomes his workmate. He forms Sinuosa, a duo that proposed unpublished pop rock entirely created with IPAD. With the song Radici they enter self-produced in classic MEI. He currently collaborates with pop rock singer-songwriter Max Campioni.