justinsaneJustInsane was born in 2012 from an idea of ​​the guitarist Davide Carnevalini and thanks to the chance meeting of the drummer Alessandro Cimaroli. He immediately tried to put into play the ideas that he had been able to archive for many years and between various experiences with other groups. The soil proved very fertile and so immediately the first bassist of the band Davide Chiodi (former member) joined.The three guys worked persistently and after some time they started looking for a singer who should be able to sustain their magnificent Heavy / Thrash sound with, in some ways, even Death metal and Hard Rock sounds. Between various tests and attempts Pierfrancesco Gasparrini became part of the band who proved to be perfectly appropriate to the genre. Subsequently the band performed in various clubs in the area and beyond; but they never lost their main goal: the recording of the 2016 debut album JustInsane. Shortly before the recordings, the bassist decided not to continue his career in the band for personal reasons. In his place, Armando Francucci took a position and perfectly integrated himself within the group, fading in a positive way what was the starting sound.