Mantic Ensemble: Danilo Mantle (compositions - piano) Mirko Fait (soprano sax) Max Patrick (percussions) Universes meet each others. You confine pardon in tones from the divinatory (mantic) taste. Ethnic and tribal rhythmic expressions melt him to the geometry minimalist of the white and black keys. Noises and surreal sounds evoke emotions licked up by the colors of an instrumental voice that it draws sap from the jazz. Consonants and dissonant sounds develop a musical interlacement that is a call to an internal spirituality, pushing the listener to an unique emotional approach in its kind. This this trio's mood formed him in the 2004 graces to the wish of Danilo Manto to find a new way of expression to experiment and to eviscerate his own ideas. Fundamental the meeting with Mirko Fait, saxophonist from the intuitive and internal approach toward the music that above the harmonies and the air of the pianist, he has written the melodies of these passages. The touch of the percussionista English Max Patrick emphasizes the everything