Born in Savona on 31/05/1970 is written to the S.I.A.E. since 1992 in the music section, since 2001 also in the section D.O.R. and since 2003 also in the OLAF section. He studied harmony and composition, singing, guitar, tenor sax, piano. He plays as a guitarist and singer in several bands. In 1988 forms with some friends on ANTARTICA group gathering experience of the piano bar, playing in campsites, holiday villages, parish and municipal parties, private clubs and discos. In 1992 he won the competition "OLTRE L’HIT PARADE" organized by RADIO BABBOLEO and account for the label SBANG music publishing. In 1993 he won the national competition "WINNER PARADE" realize a CD distributed by POLYGRAM. In 1994 they recognized "PREMIO REGIONALE LIGURE" for best new group. Since 1995 deepens the technical knowledge of guitar and sax Jazz; new experiences with various musical groups of different genres: rock, pop, blues, rap, funk, jazz. In 2000 he directed the musical comedy "UN CIELO PER SOFFITTO" staged by the theater company UNITRE Arenzano .. In 2001 he wrote the comedy "UN AFFARE DA GEGE'", staged at the theater festival Borgio Verezzi. In 2002 he published his first book titled "L’infinito e il mare" (O Caroggio edition) presented at the FNAC in Genoa on 21/11/02. As a soloist participates Arezzo Wave and the DEMO program RAI. It produces our own a few CDs: SAX CHILLOUT (2010) - SEMPLICE (2011) - SUPERSONICA (2012); for the PUZZLE Group: PRIMI PEZZI (2012). In 2013 along with Iury Battaglia is the QB SOUND.