01Lidia Di Paola has been singing since she was little, but at the age of 25 she began to make it a job, as well as a passion. Singer of pop music from the 70s-80s to today, mostly Italian, but also international, for smooth music, folk and sacred music, singing during religious events, restaurants and squares. She is currently the voice of a smooth-folk-popular group from Irpinia, "FOLK IN PROGESS". Often, with immense honor, she was the opening voice at some dinner show of the well-known historical group of beautiful Italian music I CUGINI DI CAMPAGNA. Over the years he has received several awards for me until in 2021 he began to participate in musical contests known and present around in recent years as Talents in the city. The first TV talent in which he participated conceived by GIANFRANCO CALIENDO in which he won an episode and then came 4 * classified in the final. Then, in the same year, she participated in the 6th edition of TALENT TV “The best” having passed the selections and having reached the 20 semifinalists competing for the final in Pisa. In addition to PROMOTE YOUR MUSIC, on behalf of RADIO ITALIA event in Campania, later in various regions of Italy where I arrived among those selected to perform. Exactly one year later, however, he had the good fortune and the great pleasure of presenting a song that the great GIANFRANCO CALIENDO, for many years voice and guitarist of the historical group, as well as one of the founders of "IL GIARDINO DEI SIMPLICI" wrote me. She had the opportunity to meet him in person at his Talent, entitled ETERNA MALATTIA, with which she came second in a television contest held in February 2022 in SANREMO in the same week and to which she had passed the selections she goes home by presenting a cover of mine. Below, thanks to the podium place in Sanremo, she presents the song at a competition at the National Record Academy in Rome, it arrives among the 3 most voted and wins an unreleased record from the same record company in order to participate by right in a great musical gala in Milan. Finally, from 2022 several unpublished songs are starting to be released, including “Vorrei Che Tu “ by the composer Sergio Cintura, Italian Way Music publishing.