1 Mirko Alimenti was born in Rome on 09/30/1987, since he was a child he has always had a passion for music which at the age of 15 led him to start his DJ activity, thanks to a childhood friend who brought him to discover the world of disco music! Over the years, thanks to the training gained, he learned the techniques that led him to play in different clubs in Italy making himself appreciated for the always accurate and well-selected genre depending on the type of venue. Its peculiarity is that it plays exclusively with the vinyl symbol of the djing, but that today, thanks to new technologies, it has adapted in the digital format, always keeping up with the times. He is the provincial manager of AssoDeejay who deals with the protection and legality of the role of the DJ at 360 °. Among the various venues that he has toured in Italy, abroad has represented for him the starting point on which to shoot: among these we remember the Alaya in Portoroz in Slovenia, in Ibiza for 3 consecutive years between Manoa and @night, and London with The Generator. Particularly noteworthy productions are the ones for the famous compilation of the 90s Hit Mania Dance, and other productions in various major record companies, increasingly expanding. Recently he released a book entitled "The role of the deejay in the world of the night" produced by the publishing house "Italia Semplice", available to the famous book chain "Feltrinelli", Mondadori, IBS, and online on the main stores.